BTD6 Income Calculator

Begin by selecting a difficulty from the list below.

Understanding the calculator

The core sources of income are $1 for every pop, and $100+n for completing round n. These make up the round cash column. Due to the high numbers of bloons in later rounds, cash per pop is reduced to $0.5 after round 50, $0.2 after round 60, $0.1 after 85, $0.05 after 100, and $0.02 beyond 120.

Secondary sources of income can be provided by farms and certain upgrades of other towers, although these are not yet included in this calculator.

Also shown for convenience are the bloon counts for each round, and their Red Bloon Equivalent (RBE) — the total amount of hits (or ‘red bloons’) needed to fully defeat a round.

Freeplay — after round 80 — brings several changes: blimps gain an extra 2% health (and some speed) per round; all non-blimps now have only one child in an effort to reduce lag; and ceramics are replaced by “superceramics” with 60 health, but which give enough cash to make up for having fewer children. Other bloons, such as purple, do not accommodate for this. The RBE column takes into account all of these factors.

Finally, we have cumulative versions of all these columns, which display the sum of all rows up to and including the current one.