So I see the word “games” enticed you... Well there isn’t much: hopefully the existence of this page encourages me to find more time to work on games. See also for a bit more that I never got round to adding here.


Just some simple web games, written in JavaScript.

You know Minesweeper I hope, click tiles, right click where you think mines are, etc...
The classic brick-breaking game.
Mess around with a heatmap — draw with the mouse then hit space to generate. I know, it's a bit of a stretch to call it a game, but I have nowhere better to put it for now...
Investigate the Collatz fractal, in what is even more of a stretch of the word 'game'.
My entry to Ludum Dare 36 (theme: Ancient Technology).
My entry to Ludum Dare 37 (theme: One Room).
My entry to Ludum Dare 38 (theme: A Small World).
Test the cutting edge speed-of-light space travel on a thrilling journey to Alpha Centauri — in real time!